Never Forget -It’s Never Too Late For A Miracle

January 25, 2021
Jesus was a miracle worker. He began his earthly ministry by performing His first miracle of turning water into wine. From that point on, Jesus established Himself as someone with supernatural power beyond mortal human […]

The Real Christmas Story – Jesus

January 12, 2021
Christmas is the birthday of a king. But, Jesus was not just ANY king. He was a king who left His throne in Heaven in order to come to Earth. His entire motivation was to […]

The Real Christmas Story – Herod

January 4, 2021
Christmas is a wonderful time of giving gifts, but too often children are more focused on GETTING gifts. They make their wish lists, bug their parents to get them exactly what they want, and sometimes […]

The Real Christmas Story – Shepherds

January 4, 2021
Imagine that there is a new king about to be born. This isn’t just ANY king, though. This is the most important king that has ever been born. His arrival is going to change the […]

The Real Christmas Story – Joseph

November 17, 2020
Joseph was a carpenter from Nazareth who thought his life was going exactly the way it should. He was engaged to be married to a young girl named Mary. He was excited about the future, […]

The Real Christmas Story – Mary

November 9, 2020
When God chose to send His Son into the world to set the world free from the bondage of sin, He didn’t choose to do it in a ceremonial way. He chose to do it […]

How 2 Handle Loneliness

October 26, 2020
Feeling alone is no fun at all. Loneliness is a common feeling, even for followers of Jesus. Children are no exception either. Children can experience times of loneliness when they are excluded from activities or […]

How 2 Handle An Attack

October 19, 2020
Children are faced with many attacks in life (from other people, from circumstances, and from the devil) and how they handle them will make all the difference. The way we handle an attack doesn’t just […]

How 2 Survive A Storm

October 14, 2020
Life is full of storms! Even kid’s lives are full of storms. Crazy, unexpected, and difficult circumstances often come up in our lives, and we need to howhow to face them. The great news is […]

How 2 Make a Bad Decision

October 6, 2020
Sometimes it is easy to make a bad decision. Everyone makes mistakes! However, it is important that we know how those bad decisions were made and learn how to avoid making them again in the […]
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