YOLO-How To Make Your Life Count

October 25, 2021
As a kid, it can be difcult to imagine yourself making a massive difference for the Kingdom of God. Changing the world or making a huge impact can seem very intimidating to kids and adults […]

YOLO – Lessons From Esther

October 18, 2021
Esther found herself in a tough situation. When Mordecai told her of Haman’s plan to destroy the Jews, she could have thought only about her-self and played it safe. She could have ignored Mordecai’s request […]

YOLO-Don’t Be A Jerk

October 11, 2021
Nobody likes a jerk. They’re filled with pride, always get what they want, and treat others as less than themselves. As Christians, we need to avoid becoming a jerk. In this week’s lesson, the children […]

YOLO-Lessons From Haman

October 4, 2021
There are many things in life that can make us angry. From not getting our way, to attacks against those we love, many things can bring out the anger in us. Anger is a powerful […]

YOLO-Lessons From Mordecai

September 27, 2021
In this week’s lesson, the children began to learn some lessons about making our life count! Since we only live once, we need to make sure we do our very best to honor God with […]

OUCH-Love Your Enemies

September 13, 2021
We all have enemies. Whether it is the person who continually talks behind our back, the person who insults us at every turn, or the bully who picks on us at school (or work), we […]

OUCH-Anger is Murder

September 7, 2021
Anger is an emotion we all deal with. However, Jesus said on the Sermon on the Mount, “Anger is murder!” So what does that mean? Does that mean if you are angry, you are a […]

OUCH! – Cut off your hand

August 24, 2021
Have you ever wanted something SO BAD that you were willing to do ANYTHING to get it? Have you had the attitude of “whatever it takes” – nothing was going to stop you! Well, that […]
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