April 19, 2021
Throughout the church’s history, Christians have struggled to work together in unity. Individuals have strong feelings on how we should go about accomplishing God’s work. Many times, those feelings and ideas differ from one another. […]

BUGS-Praying Mantis

April 12, 2021
Life is full of choices. It’s so easy to rely on our own minds and power to make those hard decisions.God has provided a way for each of us to plug into His power and […]

Never Forget – I Am Forgiven

March 8, 2021
We tend to put people in categories. Some people we think are potentialChristians. Others we label as “hopeless” and assume they will nevergive their lives to God. After all, they are just “too far gone.” […]

Never Forget – God Is With Me In The Storm

March 1, 2021
In life, we are guaranteed that we will face all kinds of storms – all kinds oftrouble. In fact, Jesus said, “In this world, you will have trouble….” We willface many storms in life – […]

Never Forget – I Must Bring Others to Jesus

February 22, 2021
Most Christians know we are supposed to tell others about Jesus. The sad thing is, many Christians cannot tell you the last time they actually shared their faith with a friend or family member. One […]

Never Forget – Jesus Brings Freedom

February 1, 2021
Human beings are often controlled by many habits they can’t seem to break free from. From popping your knuckles to smacking when you eat, some habits are difficult to break, but they really don’t do […]
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